The Best Affiliate
Software of 2024

Finding the best affiliate software is not easy. That’s why we’ve compiled this free comparison list to help you compare and identify the best affiliate software for your company to grow and get more customers.



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  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Built for SaaS
  • API for businesses and partners
  • Free full setup + website integration
  • Support 365 days a year
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Fast setup
  • Automatic link generator
  • Automated reward fullfillment
  • Setup under 10 minutes
  • Works directly in your WordPress
  • Easy to use


Affiliate marketing in its most simple form is an advertising model where a company compensates a third party that generates new leads or sales. Usually, the thriving force behind the third party is the compensation the company is paying for them. The three main types of affiliate marketing that you can usually meet are unattached affiliate marketing, involved affiliate marketing, and related affiliate marketing.

The reason why affiliate marketing has become one of the leading ways to generate more leads and sales is that it’s effective. The top affiliate marketers can earn huge amounts by generating high-quality leads and sales to the company they are working with. By some studies, affiliate marketing can be attributed to up to 15% of all eCommerce sales.

If you’re a business owner and want to acquire new high-quality leads and sales or simply want to grow or outsource these to more capable people while not paying too much for the acquisition then yes, you should definitely start an affiliate marketing program.

To succeed with your affiliate program always remember that affiliate marketers can switch from recommending your products or services to someone else, even your competitors. This means you should create a good relationship with your marketers and help them succeed as well. Not just in sales but also by sharing a healthy amount of your revenue with them. Remember that these people, companies, and marketers are also trying to succeed and earn.