AWeber Review 2022 – Email Marketing, Landing Pages, And Much More

You have probably heard the name AWeber at some point when looking for a tool to grab new email leads or when you’ve been searching for a SaaS to help you grow your lead amount. In today’s review, we will be looking into AWeber and how they can help you generate more leads with their tools.

AWeber webpage

What is AWeber?

In short, AWeber’s main function is to help you capture emails and help you create the most engaging and eye-capturing emails that you can then send to your customers. Of course, emails are not the only thing AWeber can do these days as we mentioned. Today you can even create whole landing pages to drive traffic to capture those juicy leads.

Creating your first email with AWeber

Creating a beautiful email isn’t easy but thanks to the drag and drop builder AWeber offers it’s much easier than writing code or trying to get your text to look fancy with the basic editing tools your email system might offer.

Not feeling like building it from scratch? No worries since AWeber also offers readymade templates you can simply select from their template library you can use freely to either use as is or just use them as an inspiration. Building your next perfect marketing email doesn’t really get easier than this to be honest.

AWeber email templates

Can you schedule and automate your emails?

Something that you might have been thinking is that can you schedule and automate emails in AWeber. The short answer is yes though it is not as robust as we have met in some other services. This is something we look forward to and what we hope AWeber will improve in the future.

Split testing emails

Another cool feature you can find in AWeber is their email split testing. This allows you to split test your marketing emails (or regular ones) to find out what kind of emails really sparks that fire and gets your email subscribers on the move.

Split testing has been made fairly easy. You simply create two different email templates and decide which subscription group they are sent to.

AWeber landing pages

As mentioned earlier AWeber isn’t just for email marketing or capturing email leads the old-fashioned way, but you can now even create landing pages to maximize your chances of people joining your email list.

AWeber landingpage example

Creating a landing page with AWeber

The landing page creation itself is pretty straightforward. You either select a ready-made template or start with a blank canvas which lets you create your own landing page from scratch.

Just for an example, we picked a ready-made template and after that, it’s really straightforward editing. With AWeber’s “drag and drop” -editor you can Cange texts, images, links, or add a video with a simple click of a button. Not happy with the layout… change it!

AWeber landing page builder

After you’re done with all the changes and happy with the end result, just click “Save & Exit” and you’re ready to drive traffic to your new landing page. If you are using WordPress you can even embed the whole page to your site.

AWeber Web Push

You would think there isn’t much more you could get excited about AWeber, but there is. AWeber actually also offers Web Push, making it super simple for us, you, or anyone else who uses their service to push notifications directly to users browser or desktop (depending on user settings).

Web Push is a fairly new technology (though has been around longer than you might think), but it is still really undervalued and unused by many businesses. This is a shame considering how powerful web pushes can be in driving traffic.

Using the AWeber Web Push system is super simple.

  1. Add a logo / image
  2. Add Title
  3. Add Message
  4. Add link

And that’s it. You can now send it and anyone who has subscribed to your web pushes and happens to link will be lead to your given link.

AWeber integrations

AWeber has tons of integrations built-in so whatever CMS or other SaaS you might be using you are probably going to find it from their ready-made integration lists. Just to point few of their integration include:

  • WordPress
  • PayPall
  • Facebook
  • LeadPages
  • Clickfunnels
  • Zapier
  • Etsy

… and many many more. This means that integrating your AWeber is super simple and something that their competitors could learn a lot from.

AWeber pricing

AWeber offers two plans “Free” and “Pro”. Free is very limited when compared to the Pro plan, but there is no time limit on its usage. It’s also a great way to get a good feel of how most of the tools work and get your email marketing started.

As soon as your email marketing starts to roll and you start seeing some results we do heavily recommend moving to the Pro plan since you will soon start noticing you might need the more robust features AWeber offers.

One thing that we really liked about AWeber is that they offer 24/7 support for both Free and Pro plans.

At the moment Pro’s pricing depends on the number of subscribers you have on your list. Because of this, we recommend checking their current price tiers here.

If you’re ready to pay quarterly or annually instead of monthly you can get a saving of up to 19,2% on an annual deal or 18,3 % on the quarterly deal. Please note that these numbers are up for a change depending on AWeber’s own discreet.

AWeber review conclusion?

AWeber website

If you’re looking for a solid lead-generating tool, want to build or boost your email marketing, or just want to collect and send emails to potential customers then this is the tool for you. With AWeber’s powerful, yet simple-to-use toolbox is something every business needs in our opinion.

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