Balloon Review 2022 – A Better Way To Organize Events

Since 2020 life has changed drastically because of COVID-19. This has been especially hard for those who work in the event industry and other areas that focus on serving large groups of people. Thanks to all that has happened people have been trying to find new ways to create and host events, but unfortunately, it has not been easy.

In this review, we will be reviewing Balloon a virtual events platform that can help you to create, sell and organize the next big online event

Balloon virtual event platform

What is Balloon?

As mentioned earlier Balloon is an online virtual event and conference builder that gives you the tools to succeed in creating the next big virtual event or conference. With Balloon you can quickly build and host any virtual event you might think of.

Who is Balloon for?

Who is Balloon for? Balloon works great for solo entrepreneurs, companies, or even for nonprofits. For example, an entrepreneur or an affiliate marketer might want to create an online event about a new site or product they are publishing. For companies and nonprofits, it’s an easy way to create hype, educational conferences, or anything they might need or want an audience for.

Getting started with Balloon

To get started with Balloon you of course first need to register and create an account here.

After creating your account you get to the fun part meaning creating your organization and an event. Now if you haven’t created an organization yet, Balloon will ask you to do this first.

Balloon creating organization

After creating an organization Balloon will take you to the dashboard that will look something like this. This is your main dashboard which showcases all your events as a whole. Remember that you can have multiple events, so you won’t see all the key data here, but the actual event itself will have even more settings and data to be read.

Balloon dashboard

Video – Hosting your virtual event on Balloon

Events dashboard

Moving on to the event dashboard itself it’s amazing how much customization Balloon has managed to add to their platform. There are simply too many things to showcase for a simple review so we highly recommend you to create an account and throw yourself excitingly to look in more detail what Balloon can offer.

The Balloon events dashboard has all the data you could think of an event from stages to views and ticket sales. To actually sell tickets, you need to connect your Stripe account to Balloons first.

One great thing about Balloon is that they have two separate links. The main link which you can share for anyone interested to buy and join the event and another one that is actually for the so-called backstage.

Balloon reception

The backstage area is meant only for event team members who can see everything from the start as for the customers they can only see the Reception area until the event actually starts.

And yes you can change the looks and colors of the reception to make it fit your brand much better, though if you want to fully white-label the experience, you will need the Enterprise package.

How much can you earn with Balloon?

Balloon earnings example

The big question a lot of people ask when thinking of online events is “How much can I earn with online events?”. With Balloon this is super easy to find out thanks to the earnings calculator.

Simply select the package you want to use, the number of attendees, the average cost of a ticket, and you’re done.

In our example, we selected the Pro package, 50 attendees, and the cost of the ticket was 15 $. This means at gross we would make 750 $ minus the expenses and we would still be earning 575.75 $! Not too bad in our opinion.


Balloon sponsor settings

Just like any event, you will probably want to sell sponsor seats to companies that want to show in your event. Thankfully Balloon has considered this and has a sponsors area where you can choose from three different tiers, Gold, Silver, and Bronze depending on what tier the Sponsor has acquired from you.

The sponsors themselves can be showcased on the right side of the actual showcase are and if you really want to go crazy you can even create a sponsored stage for your sponsors for them to showcase and tell about their products and/or services. This is also a great way for them to collect new leads and new customers.


Balloon networking

As for other features Balloon offers there is the so-called Networking. This is a great way to allow conference/event users to network and talk in private if you enable this feature. Again very nice feature from Balloon that a lot of event holders, as well as their guests, can appreciate.

Networking can be 1-on-1 or group networking depending on which one you allow for users in the settings.

Balloon pricing

Balloon pricing

At the moment Balloon offers three packages.

  • Starter – 0 $/month and 25 first attendees free / month.
  • Pro – 100 $/month and 50 first attendees free / month.
  • Enterprice – 1000 $/month and 100 first attendees free / month and whitelabeling.

Each package comes with few differences which you can check more closely here, but we do highly recommend getting the Pro package if you want to create a true online event and earn with it. You can get started with the Starter package for free, but you pay much more in the long run if you are not ready to get the Pro or Enterprise packages.

Balloon review conclusion

Balloon watch event

In conclusion, if you are looking for a fully-fledged online event/conference tool to help you create the next big thing, then Balloon is the perfect choice for you. Creating and setting up events is made super simple with the system and even selling tickets is easy thanks to the Balloons Stripe integrations.


Yes, you can. Balloon allows people to purchase multiple tickets for an event and then transfer these to other users for free.

Yes, you can white-label the whole Balloon platform for an event if you wish to do so. Though you are required to have the Enterprise plan.

You can have up to 10 sponsors with the Starter. If you decide to go Pro or Enterprise you can have more.

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