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As businesses grow they start to pile up a lot of documents. This includes all the project documents, client deliverables, technical documentation, training guides, and much much more. Handling all these can get tricky, and this is where steps in. In today’s review, we will be looking into what can offer and how it can help your business succeed by making document handling and team collaboration that much easier. banner

What is is the world’s most powerful workplace and document collaboration platform. This means you can easily create different documents to share with your team members, colleagues, customers, or pretty much anyone.

What can I use for?

Here are just a few examples of what you can use

Human resources

Easily manage current benefits, policies, hiring needs, onboarding, and support systems. Organize your workflows and collaborate effectively across departments. Communicate effectively with candidates and headhunters outside of your organization and track results.


Turn ideas into action and move from conception to execution. Collaborate & pull diverse mediums of information together, no matter where it lives, online & offline. Track your proposals and campaigns in one central location.


Quickly locate sales collateral and customize it based on your customer’s needs. Work with cross-functional teams to move your lead through the sales process. Track engagement levels and close deals quicker.


Share design assets with departments and teams across your organization. Pull inspirations together wherever they live online and offline. Collaborate more effectively across departments.


Properly track and manage the most complex projects with ease. Reduce your time searching and finding spreadsheets, proposals, and progress trackers. Get work done from one place and let Bit help you see go from conception to final product.


Work effectively across departments and quickly loop everyone in on updates to products. Manage user feedback and bugs from one smart location. Create workplace efficiency by decreasing communication silos.

Customer service

Easily collaborate, manage, and access your customer support systems. Organize your workflows and collaborate effectively across departments. Share important customer-facing information with ease and track results.


When it comes to the dashboard it’s pretty simple yet effective. You can instantly see all the templates, documents, wiki pages, etc that you need. You can also see your recently opened documents and latest activities meaning if someone has made some changes to documents.

On the right side of the dashboard, you can easily find Tips & Updates area which will help you get started right away. dashboard


Workspaces is another great feature from and really helps to distribute all the content you might save or create in it. With workspaces, we found that it’s super simple to share just the right tools for just the right people. Adding new users or guests is as simple as pressing a button on the right top corner (+) and inviting them

Simple, easy, and no hassle. workspace

Creating a new document

When creating a new document you can eighter start with a blank document or pick up a ready-made template from template library and get started quickly and easily. document templates

One thing to mind is that though you get started quickly and easily, you still might need to take a peek into the help section of, to ensure you get everything out of the document creator you. This happened to use more than once since not everything (in our opinion at least) is picture clear or perfect yet.

Branded customization

Something a lot of businesses (mainly small ones), might not come to think of, but branding your documents is actually important. Thankfully though, offers an automatic system for this and allows you to pick up the colors and logo for your business so it’s easy to keep all your documents branded and in line with your brand book. design theme

Integrations integrates with things like YouTube and Vimeo but there is so much more as well. You can also integrate with Github and Pastebin if you need to add some code examples to your documentation or even graphic tools like Figma and Behance. integrations

This means you shouldn’t run into any trouble when thinking of services that you might want to or need to integrate with

Pricing offers four different price tiers, Free Plan, Pro Plan, Business Plan, and Enterprise.

So if you want to test out you can with their Free plan that also allows up to 5 members and 50 documents. Though there are some limitations on the file size (5 MB) and storage they offer (1 GB).

There is also the fact that you can’t export files before you upgrade to their Pro plan or higher and if you want analytics you need to upgrade your plan to a Business plan. pricing

For a full comparison of features and prices, check’s current pricing here. review conclusion

For the big question if “Should I get” for the workplace and document handling then the answer is yes. It comes with great features that are getting updated and upgraded continuously. With the branding and integration tools, and workspaces you can be sure that your documents stay organized and the looks of them stay the same.

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