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You might have been thinking, “How can I automate my customer service?” or “How can I add a chatbot to my site?” lately and that’s where steps in. In this review, we will be looking in detail at what is and how you can implement your own chatbot to your site. frontpage

What is is a website bot you can use to answer your website visitor’s questions, collect leads, or even set up so your visitors can set their appointments with you. All inside the automated bot which you can customize from the looks to the script.

How to get started with

How do you get started with Well, the setup is fairly simple and only consists of five steps overall.

1. Create an account

Click here to create your account.

2. Design your bot

After creating your account helps you set up and design your first bot. This setup is very simple and you can even customize the colors, position, and avatar of your bot.

3. Set up the script

After designing the bot you can create your custom script for the bot. This means you can make the bot request emails, phone numbers, or even request the visitors to set up an appointment with you. All very simple and intuitive with the drag and drop builder.

4. Add logical jumps (if needed)

Logical jumps help you set up jumps to your script meaning if you have for example a question “Would you like to leave your email so we can get back to you?” and answer possibilities of “Yes” or “No” you can set up, so the script jumps to the end saying “Thank you for talking with us.” instead of requesting the email when the visitor doesn’t want to leave an email. Again very simple to use.

One thing to point out is that logical jumps are only available in the paid plans so consider getting the Lite or Standard plan if you want to use these functions in your chatbot.

5. Add the bot to your site

Adding to your webpage there are two choices. Adding the script by hand or if you are running a WordPress site you can use their official plugin to set it up. Both are very simple and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes at max to get it set up on your site.

Creating and setting up a chatbot to your site really doesn’t get easier than this, to be honest.

The dashboard

One thing we liked particularly (even though small) is that you can actually customize your dashboard, making it look more like you. Again very small detail, but something that has a huge impact on the feel and looks of the dashboard. dashboard


To find the actual results on what people have answered and how they have acted with the bot you can head on to the “Results” area. Here you can see how each visitor has communicated with the bot, what details they have left, and even export the data from if you want to or need to analyze it somewhere else.

Things to consider with

One thing we need to point out with is that it is a “pure” chatbot. As far as other “chatbots” go they often have chat integrated into them meaning a human can jump in at any moment to talk to the visitor or user who is chatting with the bot, but with you can’t do this. This means is a “pure bot” and has no chat functionality of any form other than the prescripted answers you give to it.

Personally, we do find this kind of limiting and hope considers adding a real chat function to their product in the future, but as far as it goes for a pure chatbot, has managed to make it almost a perfect product. integrations integrations has built-in integrations to quite a few services, but to use the integrations you’re going to need the Standard-plan. With integrations, you can automatically for example add the emails you collect to Mailchimp or add an integration to Google Analytics to see if your visitors are completing events. This comes especially handy if you are running Google Ads which again is integrated with Google Analytics.

All integrations that are included at the moment are:

  • Zapier
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Sheets
  • Webhook
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel pricing pricing offers four different pricing options, Free, Lite, Standard, and Plus. Free has no time limit but is very limited on the number of responses it can give (50 responses/month) when compared to the other plans.

If you’re running a business and consider adding a chatbot to your site you should start with the Lite or Standard plans. Standard even allows you to remove the branding which is a nice touch to affirming your own site’s brand image. review conclusion example bot

If you are looking for a pure, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand chatbot for your webpage or business then is the choice for you. Its UI and UX are easy to understand, easy to use and it’s easy to implement to your webpage even with little technical understanding.

For lead generation works great and it can be used by small or big teams, or even just for your personal blog or site to collect leads quite effectively.

The integrations include the most popular integrations you could think a chatbot would need from Google Analytics to Facebook Pixel and Zapier, giving you even more ways to automate the system, which again frees your hands even more.

The only downside with this particular chatbot is that it does not include any kind of real-life chat, meaning you are forced to trust the user gets their answer from the bot or is ready to leave their email, phone number, or set up an appointment with you depending on your needs.


Yes, is free to use to up to 50 responses/month, but does not include logical jumps or other features you will probably need to create a more complex bot. is particularly easy to use and integrate into your site. All you need is to install the script or if you’re running a WordPress site, just add their official plugin, and you are done integrating it with your own site.

Yes, offers 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with any paid plan.

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