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For a long time, email list builders like marketing professionals, eCommerce owners, affiliate marketers, and bloggers have been looking for a tool to help them collect leads more effectively. The only problem has been that either you’ve had to open your wallet and pay for this kind of tool or simply trust in your own coding skills. Thankfully we have found a solution for this and it’s called Hello Bar.

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What is Hello Bar?

Hello Bar in short is a SaaS that helps you capture leads quickly and easily. Create PopUps, Bars, Modals, Alerts, Sliders, and Takeovers to capture emails from your visitors. Hello Bar automatically moves these leads to your favorite email tool or saves them directly to Hello Bar.

Setting Hello bar on your site

Is Hello Bar easy to set up? In short yes. Hello Bar can be easily set up to any site by simply installing the JavaScript code or if you are using WordPress you can simply use their official plugin to install it quickly and easily. Installing Hello Bar on our site took less than 5 minutes.

How to use Hello Bar?

How to us Hello Bar

Creating a lead capture is super easy with Hello Bar. Thanks to its step-by-step creation you can easily create the perfect lead capturing PopUp, Slide-in, or even a page takeover.

Creating your first Hello bar goes like this:

  1. Select your Goal
  2. Select your template
  3. Design it
  4. Select settings
  5. Select your targeting
  6. Publish

… and that’s it. You’re ready to capture leads or even drive traffic to a page you want to drive traffic to. Creating a lead capture doesn’t get much easier than this, at least not in our book.

Hello Bar A/B testing

Another great feature we love in Hello Bar is the ability to create A/B tests. You can easily just create another PopUp, page takeover, alert, or even Slide-in to test which of the two selections works best on your page and starts generating more leads for you.

Leading question

One great feature not many other SaaS that work in the same field as Hello Bar doesn’t have is the “Leading question”. This feature is a great way to ask a leading question before showing the form itself to collect leads.

Why is this such a great feature? Since many of us are tired of PopUps simply jumping in and disrupting our reading. This way you can increase your engagement and get even more leads.

Who is Hello Bar for?

Who is Hello bar for? Who should use Hello bar? In short, everyone. Hello Bar works great with eCommerce, affiliate sites, company or business websites, or even SaaS sites that want to capture more leads.

One of the best parts of Hello Bar is its ease of use and that even complete amateurs or people who don’t know how to code can easily set it up and get started quickly. This is why we can recommend it to everyone.

Hello Bar integrations

Hello Bar integrations

Hello Bar has pre-built integrations to several different platforms. These include:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Webflow
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • Shopify
  • GetResponse
  • GoDaddy
  • Blogger
  • ConvertKit
  • Iterable
  • Campaign Monitor

Hello Bar Analytics

Hello Bars analytics is easy to read and follow. You can quickly grasp the number of views, phone calls, emails, clicks, and shares you’ve generated. The analytics isn’t anything super fancy, but it functions as well as you would expect and most importantly shows you the data in a clear simple way.

Hello Bar pricing

Hello Bar pricing

Hello Bar offers four pricing tiers, Elite, Premium, Growth, and Starter. Each of them offers a different amount of sessions, though only the Starter is limited by the number of PopUps.

Elite 99 $/month

  • Up to 500 000 sessions/month
  • Unlimited number of popups, subscribers, and A/B tests
  • Premium-level support, design features, and integrations

Premium 49 $/month

  • Up to 150,000 sessions/mo
  • Unlimited number of popups, subscribers, and A/B tests
  • Premium-level support, design features, and integrations

Growth 29 $/month

  • Up to 50,000 sessions/mo
  • Unlimited number of popups, subscribers, and A/B tests
  • Advanced-level support, design features, and integrations

Starter (FREE forever)

  • Up to 5,000 sessions/mo
  • Limit of 10 popups, 1 live test, and unlimited number of subscribers
  • Basic-level support, design features, and integrations

Click here to see the full feature comparison.

Hello Bar review conclusion

In conclusion, Hello Bar is a great SaaS tool for anyone wanting to capture more leads. The ease of setup can get you started in just 5 minutes (not including registration). Grab a goal, set up a template, change the texts and select your targeting, and you are ready to go.

Installing Hello Bar is super simple thanks to the ready-built integrations and in our tests, we have seen great success with the exit intent take over. Analytics is easy to read and follow and thanks to the A/B testing capability you can easily compare what lead form works the best.

Does Hello Bar achieve what it promises, meaning a better and easier way to collect leads? Simply put… Yes, it does.

All in all a solid SaaS to get started or to just try out thanks to the Starter tier that is completely free.


Yes, Hello Bar can be made GDPR compliant as long as you have a Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use pages set up on your website.

Yes, Hello Bar offers different kinds of targeting options from mobile to PC and Tablet users. You can also target just users who are leaving your site.

Yes, Hello Bar has a dedicated support area and you can contact them quite easily through their chat as well.

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