How To Automate Your Social Media Posts

Social media requires constant updates, posts, and new content to be fed to it. Unfortunately, as people, we do not have the ability to be churning that new content constantly to the social media beasts that require this. Thankfully there are ways to automate this process. In this guide, we will teach you how to automate your social media posts the easy way. With our guide, you will be able to turn your posts into several social media posts automatically and even time them so they will be drip-fed to all your social media accounts.

Create an account to Missinglettr

To get started with the process of automating your social media posts, you first need to create an account at Missinglettr. Use the button below to get started with Missinglettr for just $5 (normally $108/month).

You get all these benefits when signing up:

  • 3 Workspaces
  • 9 Social Profiles
  • 3,000 Scheduled Posts
  • Unlimited Extra Users
  • Promote up to 10 Curate posts per month

Add your social media profiles

Add social media profiles

After creating your account we are ready to set up your social media profiles. This is an important part so Missinglettr will have access to your social media accounts and is able to post them automatically.

To add a social profile simply go to the workspace you have created, select “Settings” from the left main menu, and then “Social Profiles“. On the top right corner, you can see the “Add social profile” -button which will pop out a prompt for you to select the social media account you want to add.

Adding a social profile

Simply select the social media account you want to add, might it be LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or some other and you will be redirected to that social media page and asked if you want to let Missinglettr be able access your social media profile.

To connect, you must allow everything.

Adding your RSS feed to Missinglettr

Adding your RSS feed to Missinglettr to automate your social media posts is super simple. Instead of adding a new site simply add your RSS feed link to the Dripp campaign and Missinglettr will automatically pull your posts and create drip campaigns from them for you. Just note that you still need to activate the drip campaigns yourself unless you set it as “Automatic campaign” which will then make everything automated.

Creating social media posts automatically

So how do you create social media posts automatically? With Missinglettr it’s super simple. Simply go to your Workspace and create a new drip campaign. Paste your URL and Missinglettr will pull quotes from your blog posts/page automatically and even pull the images you might have used in your blog posts. If you don’t have images to pick or use, Missinglettr also has a solution for this and automatically creates images for you with a template you can set up.

Drip feeding social media posts

After creating your drip content Missinglettr will automatically post your drip content to your social media accounts in set intervals. For evergreen content, we highly recommend setting up a 12 month evergreen schedule because as we all know, not all of your followers will see your content when it’s posted the first time so it’s good to post the same content again later on. For anything more time-focused content you can select a smaller time period.

Adding curated content from other users to your own social media

Social media is not just sharing your content but interaction with you and your followers. To ensure that you generate value for your followers, it’s a good idea to post other users’ content that fits your niche. That’s where Missinglettrs “Curated”-area comes into the picture. With Curated area you can simply pick the niche you’re interested in and find curated lists of posts, videos, or even podcasts you can then simply schedule as drip content to your social media.

This is a great way to engage more of your users and to share interesting content with them. This will also ensure that your social media pages won’t be too focused simply on your own services and posts.

Adding your content to the Curated area

Another cool thing about the curated area is that you can actually share your own blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. for others to discover as well. This is a great way to get more shares for your content from other social media accounts and get your voice heard better.

How good is this you might ask? We can’t speak for everyone but for us at least it has worked great. For example with just 26 shared posts we have generated 470 shares, 741 queued (this means the posts are waiting to be shared automatically by other users), and over 896 clicks. All this without paying a dime for other users or social media companies to advertise our own content.


In conclusion to automate your social media is as simple as:

  1. Create a Missinglettr account
  2. Connect your social media accounts
  3. Add your RSS feed
  4. Let Missinglettr publish and automate your content for you.

What are your thoughts on automating your social media accounts? Have you done it before? Tell us your experience in the comments down below.

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