Landbot Review – Convert More Traffic with Automated Conversations

The age-old question has been “How can I convert more of my traffic to actual leads and paying customers?“. The second age-old question or something that usually at least follows the first one is “If I could convert more of my traffic to leads, could I automate this somehow?

Well, thankfully there is an answer for this and in today’s review, we will be looking into a chatbot that can do all these, named Landbot. It can help you convert more traffic for you by automating some or all of the conversations.

Landbot review

What is Landbot?

In short, Landbot is a no-code, rule-based chatbot builder that will help you generate more leads with automated conversations. Though in reality it’s much more and can even help you with your customer support or even scheduling a call or a meeting.

Here’s how Landbot described themselves to us when we asked them to tell us about the product:

Landbot is the most intuitive chatbot builder out there. It helps companies and individuals deploy clever conversational solutions – built from scratch or using one of many pre-built templates – quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the variety of native integrations with popular tools, it makes capturing data, converting leads, and personalizing client journeys in real-time a piece of cake.

– Landbot

Who is Landbot for?

Now you’re probably wondering who is Landbot for? The simple answer to this is that it’s pretty much for anyone who has a website or wants to generate more leads, needs help with customer service, or just wants to automate their processes that could be handled with a small chat with the user.

Here are just a few of the industries that Landbot is perfect for:

Landbot usecases

What about use cases you ask? Well, that’s another easy question to answer. You could for example build a:

  • Lead Capturing & Qualitifcation
  • Customer Support & FAQ
  • Product recommendation
  • Internal communications
  • Survey & Quizzes
  • HR & Recuiting
  • Booking & Reservation
  • Games & Contents

    …bot or something completely different.

How to get started with Landbot

Landbot signup page

How does this all work then? Let’ start with the basics. First, you need to create your account of course, which means you need to signup here.

Landbot dashboard

After signup, you will be prompted to check your email so you can confirm your email and get access to the dashboard itself.

After logging in Landbot will ask few questions to help you get started which is super nice for someone not familiar with their system. It speeds up the process a lot and helps you create your first bot in just a few minutes.

Building your first chat bot

To create a chatbot with Landbot you simply go to the dashboard, click “Create new bot” and off you go building. First time creating? No worries Landbot got you covered with a simple easy to follow tutorial.

Landbot drag-and-drop builder

Oh, and did we mention Landbot actually offers 4 different kinds of ways to create your bot? You can either build a basic bot (meaning Landbot V3 or older version V2), a WhatsApp bot, Facebook bot, or if you have your own system you can even use their API to create something completely new.

Few things to mention why we loved trying out Landbot:

  1. It’s super simple to get started(even for a new user like us)
  2. It’s feels intuitive to use. Seriously how much easier can it get than this…
  3. Third but not least, its ease of integration, but more on the integrations later.

As you might have guessed one cool feature of the bot is that you can use rich media in it. This means gifs, images, or even videos. Something we really enjoy since it makes the whole bot so much more fun to use and people respond to moving images much better (at least when used in moderation).

Landbot rich media

Landbot integrations

What about Landbot integrations. At the moment Landbot offers the most integrations of any bots we know.

These integrations include the most common ones like:

  • Google Analytics
  • Mailchimp
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Calendly
  • Salesforce

There are tons more integration than just these ones and a lot of them really help you build the bot of your dreams. For example, Zapier helps automate stuff on its own. Add it to the bot and you just made your integration possibilities almost limitless.

Landbot Stripe

They also offer integration to payment processors like Stripe which is a really cool feature when you want to handle payment or subscription through the bot.

Landbot Google Analytics event

Another cool thing about the Google Analytics integration is that you can easily send events through the bot. Though creating the event is easy it does require some work with the bot’s code and you need to do some code editing with Google Analytics as well. Thankfully though Landbot does offer a very thorough guide on how to do this. Still not as easy you would hope for, but hopefully, this will be fixed in the future.

Live chat

Something we have noticed is that a lot of “chatbots” are actually missing the live chat feature. Thankfully though Landbot has this feature that lets you set up a breakpoint when the user is assigned to a real person which then allows them to talk to each other. If you have a big team you can even assign different people to different users making it that much easier to handle all the visitors you might be having online trying to chat with you.

Analyzing Landbot metrics

Landbot metrics

Analyzing the performance of your bot is as easy if not even easier than creating a bot with Landbot. Just head on to the metrics tab and you can instantly see how your bot is converting or doing other tasks given to it.

Landbot design

Landbot design templates

What about the design and what about the looks!?” you ask. Landbot can be customized quite heavily meaning almost everything you could think of customizing in its looks is customizable from buttons to colors and even borders and backgrounds.

Not much of a designer? Thankfully Lanbot offers a nice selection of premade templates, though as mentioned you are free to customize the design yourself if you wish to do so, to make it fitter to your needs.

For new users, we would recommend picking a premade template as a starting point and going forward from that to get a real feel on what is possible and what’s not.

Landbot pricing

Landbot offers four pricing tiers:

  • Free
  • Starter (30 $/month)
  • Professional (80 $/month)
  • Business (Custom)

Each of these offers a bit different kind of perks. Most notably the number of chats you can have each month and what kind of integrations and blocks are available to you. For example, you can’t use Stripe integration unless you have subscribed to the Starter or higher.

You can check the full pricing and feature comparison here.

Don’t forget to grab that 20% discount on yearly plans!

Landbot review conclusion

In conclusion, would we recommend Landbot and who would we recommend it? Yes, we would recommend Landbot. For whom would we recommend it? Pretty much for anyone who is looking for a chatbot with the ability to actually chat with their customers when needed, might it be a business owner, marketing expert, affiliate marketer, or even a larger company.

Landbot has a great interface, it’s easy to customize, has great integrations (though sending Google Analytics events, still needs some work), and most importantly it’s affordable. So spending 30 $/month for a chatbot that actually works like a dream and can do some much good for your business is a real no-brainer.


Yes, Landbot has A/B testing so you can easily test what answer grabs the most leads for example.

Yes! Landbot does support both of these features, though they are locked behind a subscription, so you need at least the Starter to use custom CSS or JS in your bot.

Yes! Landbot integrates with help desk software like Zendesk, Intercom (soon), or your own system (via API).

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