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Always wanted to be active with your social media, but it just feels too time-consuming and hard? Well, there is a solution for that and it’s called Missinglettr.

What is Missinglettr

Missinglettr is a complete social media management tool and scheduler, that helps you plan out and schedule your social media posts months in advance.

Social media is a key aspect of growing your business and connecting with your customers, but keeping up with multiple social channels can feel like a treadmill.

Missinglettr solves this problem by seamlessly integrating with Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, allowing you to curate, schedule, and synchronize your posts months in advance across multiple channels at the click of a button.

How does Missinglettr work?

Now you might be asking “How does Missinglettr work?”. Well, the concept is fairly simple, yet genius. It simply grabs your content, finds good quotes and images, and lets you add them to the social post. It even proposes what hashtags to use to gain the most views and clicks on your post on Instagram and other social media.

After creating your post it generates different kinds of layouts and posts with different texts automatically. Of course, you can edit and even decide what texts you use in your posts, but generally, I’ve found that their tools know exactly what I would have wanted to pick from the post.

Missinglettr drip campaing

Now that you are done generating and reviewing the posts you want to schedule the post. Scheduling the post is simple as pressing a button and Missinglettr will do the rest for you, generating and scheduling the posts to be posted over 12 months or less depending on your choice.

How can I track my performance in Missinglettr?

You can track how many clicks each post has generated and how many new followers you’ve gained to your social media accounts directly from the Missinglettr dashboard through the analytics page. It’s pretty handy considering it usually takes quite the digging to find this information from Facebook and other places themselves.

How does the tracking work?

Missinglettr tracks the clicks through their built-in short-link, but you can use other services as well that can be integrated into their system. This is pretty handy if you have specially made short links you use most of the time or want to track them in different services.

Missinglettr url shortening services

What other tools does Missinglettr offer?

Being afraid Missinglettr doesn’t allow you to collaborate with your team or that it’s just a social media automation tool? You are in luck because Missinglettr is so much more. Thanks to constant updates and improvements Missinglettr offers more than just social media post automation.

For example, they offer:

  • Scheduling Rules
  • Collaboration, which allows you to invite your team members
  • Brand customization, meaning you can make sure all posts stick to your brand
  • Direct automatic repost to Medium
  • Custom URL shortener
  • Stock Image Library you can use to pick up photos for your social media posts
  • … and last but not least Curated post area (more on that later)

Curated posts

Ever wished other businesses or sites close to your own niche would share your content? That’s where the curated posts come in. The so-called “Curated” area where you can share your content is a great way to get your content found by other users and to find more content to share on your social media accounts.

In the picture, you can see some of our real stats from the Curated area.

Curated post stats at Missinglettr

With different niches and huge audience sizes at your disposal, you can find new people who might be interested in your services or business.

If there is one thing why you should absolutely get Missinglettr this is it. We can’t emphasize enough how great the Curated area is and how much value it can generate and has much it has generated value for us already.

Settings and time zones

Everyone should look into settings when starting to use Missinglettr to set up their timezone and other date and time settings. When we consider social media it’s actually extremely important, that you post at the right time since this can affect your reach. This can easily be set in Missinglettr’s settings page where you can change these settings and even decide custom time slots when your posts will be automatically posted.

Missinglettr pricing

At the moment Missinglettr offers 3 different plans, Free, Solo, and Pro. Each of them comes with a different monthly cost, whereas “Free” is free forever.

Check out Missinglettr here – Starting 9 $/ month

With Free, you only get one workspace, social profile, and 50 scheduled posts so we highly recommend anyone wanting to use their tools to upgrade to Solo or Pro plan if they want to get the most out of them. With Solo, you get three social profiles instead of just one and 500 scheduled posts. If you’re working with clients or have a team to work with you should go with Pro since it offers 3 workspaces and 9 social profiles with 3 000 scheduled posts and unlimited extra users.

Click here to get get started on Missinglettr Pro.

Support and responsiveness

Missinglettr’s support has been very responsive in our tests and the best part is they have a very active Facebook community where users can tell about their experiences and even ask questions from each other or the Missinglettr staff.

Even Missingletts founder Benjamin Dell is part of the group and actually gives sneak peeks on upcoming features from time to time.

Should I use Missinglettr?

If you are still wondering if Missinglettr is the right tool for you and if you should use it, consider this:

  1. Do you want to automate your social media posts?
  2. Does it take too much of your time to generate content for your social media accounts?
  3. Would you like to get your content shared more with different social media accounts that are in your niche?
  4. Would you like the ability to post quickly to different social media sites without the hassle?
  5. Would you like to share your content more than once to ensure it gets viewed and found more on social media?

If you answer “Yes” to any of those questions then Missinglettr is the tool for you.

Missinglettr review conclusion

Missinglettr has blown our minds with what automated social media posting is. With the clean interface, easy-to-use tools, and curated area it’s a no-brainer for us to use and to continue use far into the future.

Something to consider for smaller companies or users is that the tool might get quite expensive if you calculate all the monthly costs together when you or your company gets need to upgrade their plan.

Even still we do feel that Missinglettr will pay itself back in saved man-hours and marketing costs with its ease of use and awesome features.


No, Missinglettr has no hidden fees as far as we know.

Yes, Missinglettr is safe to use, and even we at SaasBuddy use them frequently to automate our social media posting.

Simply go to your billing settings and cancel your subscription. If you have any questions regarding billing, we recommend contacting Missinglettrs support, which is super responsive.

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  1. How does Missinglettr work with Medium for reporting there? Does it take your own blog and report right on your Medium account or something else in curation? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Great question. Missinglettr actually takes your original blog post and posts it to Medium as a draft. Meaning you need to go and publish it yourself, but all you need to do is press the “Publish” -button. It also adds the “canonical” link to your original post meaning Google knows that the original content was published on your blog first and you won’t have any issues with duplicated content or loss of “SEO juice”.

      This means you can actually use Medium as a secondary traffic source and automate the whole process with Missinglettr.