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When you think of a dashboard the biggest problem you face most of the time is that they are highly specialized in some job. Some dashboards work great for CRM, some for project management, and some for marketing or something completely different. In this review, we will be looking into a SaaS tool or more likely a “Work OS” as they like to call themselves that helps you build run, and scale your dream workflows directly in their one platform and especially its sales and CRM capabilities.

What is

What is monday you ask? Well, monday isn’t just the start of the week but a Work OS that can help you build workflows and dashboards that help you and your team to keep up with work.

How does work?

When first trying out it might come quite a shock how much you can customize it. Customization is a great thing, though for some it might make the system feel a bit complicated at first. After a while of testing things around you should usually get the hang of how to use and utilize monday the best way for yourself and your team.

You can easily add different kinds of columns, fields, and items to any groups you might have created. Most of these options also carry coloring options so you can make them easily distinguishable by color.

Since you can create almost any kind of dashboard you want, it also means you can actually create several different kinds for you and your team. For example, you could have a CRM dashboard for your sales and marketing team and a support dashboard for your IT support. And that’s not all. The best part is you can pull and visualize all the data you have generated and created on right inside You can even connect data from different dashboards together, to get an instant view for you and others who might need to see how different teams are doing. workdocs

An interesting thing has is mondays workdocs. Workdocks allows you to create documents that can have data pulled directly from integrated services or from It also means that if you for example have a Gant chart, you can change it in the document and it automatically updates other team members of the change.

Another cool thing in workdocs is that you can even apply team members to tasks directly from it. This means you can easily start creating better reports that are updated automatically regarding sales and work data and get marked done when the person who has been marked responsible to do the task marks it done.

A great feature all in all that we will hopefully see in other CRMs as well in the future.

Automating your workflow with monday

As with any work, it’s important to automate your work and workflows. has some great automation features that include for example “When Stage changes Contract Sent move item to Deals” which in English of course means that when the stage of an item changes to “Contract Sent” it automatically moved to “Deals” saving you and rest of your team the manual labor and the need to remember of doing that.

Most of these automation’s are automatically created if you use a premade template as we did in our testing, but you are also free to create new ones and to customize them to your needs. You can even create notifications or custom emails to be sent when something changes or a certain time period has passed.

Automations are a great way to help you and your team to be more effective. More importantly, they get more and more important the bigger your team grows and lowers the number of mistakes people are able to make by doing the boring and repetitive stuff for you.

Why use

But why would anyone use for a CRM when there is Pipedrive and other CRMs or for any other reason for example an IT support dashboard? That’s a good question and not something that has an easy answer.

A few reasons to pick monday over some other SaaS tools is of course its customizability. It has almost limitless customization (in its own limits) and the fact that you can create different dashboards and workflows for each team in your company is a big plus. Add here the fact you can create workdocs that automatically update their data that is pulled from your dashboards and the automation you can build into monday in monday it really makes you wonder if you need any other tools than it. use cases premade dashboard templates

Just a few of the use cases to mention, works great as a:

… and the best part is monday has premade dashboards for all of these. Not happy with the dashboard they made? Make your own and customize it! Doesn’t really get better than that when you think of a way to organize all your work between teams. CRM

Let’s talk a bit about CRM options. As anyone knows CRMs are one of the most important tools of any company and sales/marketing team. It’s the heart of customer relationships and often a CRM can be a make it or break it for a company considering it has all the data and deals related to customers.

Getting started with the CRM dashboard is super simple and easy. Simply pick the premade template and you’re done. instantly creates the required dashboards, automation, and everything else. You can then focus on customizing the boards themselves if you want to or start utilizing it with your team and placing new deals and placing your teammates to the deals.

Deal activities CRM deal activity

Editing deals and their activity is simple. Click the deal you want to edit and you can instantly add notes and change the details. If you want, you can even add subtasks to the deal to track more precisely how the deal is going forward.

Another great feature is that deal can have several contacts, meaning you don’t need to add another deal simply to track two customers for the same deal.

If you want to save emails between you and the customer(s) you can even connect your email to to make sure all emails are then automatically saved to the deal.

How to use monday CRM

Private boards

What about security you ask and not letting people from your organization who are not allowed to see customers or certain board? No worries, since you can assign each board to a certain group or individual users. Users can also create private boards meaning no one else can see them or access them.

Sales and reporting sales reporting dashboard

Want to see how much revenue and sales you’re making? Well, monday has an answer for that too. It automatically collects and creates the dashboard for you to measure whatever data you might have added to the boards themselves, making it super easy for you, us, and our teammates to see where we are at.

My work my work

If you want to quickly see what work you have on your list it’s easy to just click the “My Work” icon on the right to instantly see what’s on your own list on the upcoming week, today, or even see what has been done. As mentioned earlier you can assign any work to any person in your team.

Exporting data

Export board to Excel

One cool feature we noticed is that also allows you to export your board to Excel. Simply click the three dots on the right top corner, select “More actions” and then click “Export board to Excel“. Very handy if you need to export your data to somewhere else or simply want to save it for yourself in some other form.


Another great feature has included in their system is the Search. With Search, you can actually search for files, boards, clients, or pretty much any data you might have included in your boards. Really helps you when the boards and stuff start to grow and when there are multiple users changing and updating the boards. integrations intergrations and apps marketplace

When it comes to integrations there are a lot, and by a lot, we really do mean a lot. Some of the interactions are built-in like Gmail and Emails & Activities, but there are also some that you can simply add from the apps marketplace. For example, if you would like to streamline your social media campaigns workflows you can add Hootsuite directly to your This allows you to plan, track and publish all posts from without ever leaving it.

Another cool thing is that even if you have Pipedrive already in use, but want to centralize your CRM and reporting you can actually also synchronize your Pipedrive account with meaning they will work in perfect sync.

For payments, you can even integrate Stripe to record Stripe charge events directly in your boards. pricing

As of writing this review, offers five different pricing tiers with each of their own features, though overlapping meaning you get more features the more you are ready to pay for each seat.

  • Free – 0 $ / ree forever
  • Basic – 11 $ seat / month
  • Standard – 14 $ seat / month
  • Pro – 22 $ seat / month
  • Enterprice – Request price

Overall the pricing is fair, though when your team grows it does tend to add up to a higher monthly fee than you might have expected at first. But when you start to consider the work and time you will save with it tends to put things in a better perspective and make look more of a fair deal. review conclusion

Simple CRM dashboard

In conclusion regarding, all we can say is it’s one great SaaS tool that anyone considering to create their own work dashboard regarding CRM, sales, marketing, IT support, or pretty much anything should at least be heavily considered.

The customizability and great integrations on top of that make one of our top picks.

If your looking for a SaaS that can help you work more efficiently and that is fully customizable by you and your team, then is the tool you need.

Don’t agree with our conclusion? Comment below and tell us what you think about and if it’s something you or your teammates have used to build your dream workflows.


Yes, does support subtasks. How this works is by breaking items into smaller items.

Yes, is compliant to the extent required on or before May 25, 2018, and will continue to comply on an ongoing basis.

Yes, complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Yes, for individual users. Individual users can use for free or if you’re interested to try the Pro free for 14 days, you can do so by clicking here.

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