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What’s one thing that really grinds your gears when trying to create a website or a website layout for a paying customer? Well, your answer might have been different than this, but for us, it has always been collecting feedback. Since developers, visual artists, and the customer don’t always talk the same language it is sometimes hard to pick what the customer wants.

Thankfully, there is a solution for our and your problem, and a great one in that, and it’s called Pastel. In this review, we will be looking into Pastel and how it can help you and your team solve this age-old problem when requesting a review and comments from customers.

Pastel Review

What is Pastel?

Pastel is a SaaS that helps you review and collect comments on websites. Its simple interface and ease of use make it a must-have tool for small and big teams.

Who is Pastel for?

Are you a web designer, coder, visual artist, or someone else who works with websites and needs to request reviews and comments from customers regarding them? If you answered yes, then Pastel is for you.

How to use Pastel

Using Pastel is extremely simple. Simply login, enter the URL of the page you want to review and collect comments, and you’re pretty much done. After setting it up you can invite visitors or other team members to comment on the canvas Pastel has created.

Pastel dashboard

Need to comment on another page on your site? No worries, simply change to “Browser”-mode from the bottom of the page and you can click to any other page like you normally would and then comment on the page you moved to.

Pastel comment feature

The best part is you can even assign comments to other users so they know what to change. Make the change and mark it as Resolved. That’s pretty much all that is into Pastel.

Pastel invite people to canvas

This might sound like a small and a simple thing to solve with a whole SaaS, but for anyone who has had to ask comments from customers, knows how simplifying something, that usually might be an hour-long meeting just to understand what the customer wants to change to something this simple is a struck of genius and achievement in itself. The time-saving Pastel offers to an entrepreneur or a team in itself will quickly pay back what you pay for Pastel.

Pastel pricing

Pastel pricing

Pastel offers four different tiers of pricing. These include the

  • Free
  • Solo (29 $/month)
  • Studio (99 $/month)
  • Enterprise (350 $/month).

With Free, you can test out Pastel nicely and quite extensively, though we do recommend upgrading to the Studio-plan if you have a team or to the Solo-plan if you are doing any kind of professional work.

As it is, for now, Free only allows a 3 day commenting period which tends to close quicker than you might think when talking about customers and their speed of response. With paid plans, this restriction is lifted and makes it possible to request comments for a longer period of time. This means less stress for you and less emailing to the customer trying to make them leave their comments before the time period closes.

Pastel review conclusion

Pastel might be one of the most simple SaaS we have met, but in no way is it less important or less stunning. Its ease of use has been almost perfected and thanks to the easy process of commenting and assigning those change requests to other team members make it a must-have tool for any web development team.

The price point is fair and thanks to the 14-day Free Studio plan you can quickly determine if the tool is right for you and your team. If not, simply drop it and come back later when you feel like it’s something that would fit better in your development cycle.


Nope! Each canvas houses a whole website. Just turn commenting off to navigate to any other page on that website.

A user can create and edit canvases, export comments as well as leave comments and replies. Guest reviewers can only leave comments and replies.

No copies — Pastel layers comments on your live website using their custom proxy technology.

Yes, Pastel works with responsive websites.

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