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Streaming, one of the most popular ways to connect with users, fans, and everyone else. Might it be online gaming, chatting, marketing, sports events, or even movies, people are streaming it. The only problem a lot of streamers themselves have had is that there are so many platforms to stream to. There’s Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, periscope, Linked In, Steam and so many more to choose from.

In today’s review, we will be looking into Restream and how it can solve the problem many streamers face regarding how to increase their views, followers and most importantly, how anyone can stream up to +30 social platforms at once!

Restream review

What is Restream

What is Restream? Restream is a SaaS platform that lets you stream your content to +30 different social platforms at once. This means you can show the same content on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Linked In, etc. at the same time without the need of using different programs or setting up the stream on each different platform separately.

Who is Restream for?

Now many might think that Restream is just for streamers and gamers, but that’s not true. Restream is a great tool for anyone thinking of streaming their content and this includes marketers and businesses.

Why do we think thís way? Because Restream is super easy to use and let’s face it. Creating a real connection with your audience or customers in today’s world is getting more and more important every day. If you are a business owner who can connect with your customers and user directly through live stream and chat it’s a real win for both.

Few groups that are often forgotten that need to stream their content nowadays are teachers and churches, even though they could benefit greatly from the Restreams ease of use.

If you are an educator check out Restream here or if you are looking away to stream your church ceremonies then click here.

How to use Restream

Restream offers few different ways to stream. These include a direct stream from the Restreams dashboard, streaming through OBS, vMix, or some other streaming program. You can also stream a video file if you feel like it.

On top of these, you can also schedule an event or just record something for the future. Very useful when you want to make sure people show up for the stream or want to make sure you got content for the future as well.

VIDEO: Getting Started with Restream

Restream destinations

So you wondering where can you stream? As mentioned earlier there are over 30 social platforms you can stream to. These include even some you might never even heard of, though most of you probably heard from Twitch, Amazon, Vimeo, Steam, Facebook, and YouTube.

Restream analytics

Restreams analytics board shows a clear view of statistics. You can quickly find what social platform is bringing the most views and view times. When needed, you can also dive deeper and find the number of chat messages that were sent and how many viewers you got. Again very useful data for those who want to grow their stream.

Restream graphical elements

No one wants an ugly stream. Thankfully Restream offers quite a few premade graphical elements you can simply grab and go. No need to upload or change anything just click it and it’s on your stream. Pretty awesome and most importantly easy for beginners like us. Though if you don’t want to use the premade ones, you can always upload your own graphics to use. A great feature for more established streamers and especially for those of us who might have a strict brand to uphold.

Restream pricing

Restream pricing

When it comes to Restreams pricing they have three main tiers. The Free tier we recommend everyone try out, Standard 16 $/month and Professional 41 $/month.

The best part is that Restream isn’t stopping you from streaming to any of the platforms they have available so you could potentially stream to all +30 social platforms at once if you wanted to.

The standard tier is focused mainly on sports & entertainment and gaming and esports users, though others can use it as well and should if you need any of the other extra features it brings that include stream recording.

The Professional one is focused on small businesses and anyone who wants to stream to a large audience. The professional tier also allows you to remove the restream branding.

There are also two more tiers that are mainly focused on bigger companies and or bigger streamers who need more reliability to their streams. These tiers are the Premium (83 $/month) and Business (249 $/month) so you can guess not many will be using these unless they are doing some serious business.

For the full Restream feature and price comparison click here.

Restream review conclusion

In conclusion, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to start streaming or want to up your streaming then Restream might be the tool for you. Thanks to the Restream Free tier it’s easy to get started with no risk.

As for whom would we recommend it? We would recommend it, as mentioned earlier, to anyone in need of a way to start their streaming, from businesses to marketing professionals, affiliate marketers, churches, or even teachers.

As for professional streamers, Restream offers a great way to up their game and increase their viewership by offering an easy way to connect over 30 different social platforms. Meaning they can take their stream from Twitch to Facebook, YouTube, Steam, and other platforms with a single platform.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Restream today!


In order to send two simultaneous streams to different multiple platforms, you would need two different Restream accounts to do that. If you are planning to send one stream to YouTube and Twitter, and the other stream to Facebook and Twitch at the same time, you would need to broadcast these two streams from two different Restream accounts.

Yes, you can record your streams with Restream, though you are required to have paid subscription to unlock this feature.

All you need is the basics. You can use Restream on your computer with a microphone and webcam, or even use your smartphone or tablet.

Nope! With your free Restream account, you can live stream 24/7/365 if you really want to. The only limit is your need for sleep and bathroom breaks.

Absolutely! Simply start your live stream with a static image or black screen and broadcast your audio content to the platforms of your choice, like Mixcloud, YouTube, or Facebook.

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