Spott Review – Create Interactive Media And Increase Your ROI

Ever wondered how to create interactive videos, images, PDFs, and other materials people can simply click to buy your products or services? Well, there is an answer to this and it’s called Spott.

What is Spott?

Spott is a SaaS tool to create interactive content like videos, images, 360 images, GIFs ads, and PDFs. Spott can increase the likelihood of interaction rates by 88%, add to baskets by +20%, and has seen an average order value by up to +19% on sites that use it.

How does Spott work?

In all simplicity Spott works in four steps:

Spott dashboard
  1. Import your media
    • Import images, videos, PDF, 360 images by simply selecting them or drag and drop them on the page.
  2. Set up your Imported assets
    • Select the imported media asset you want to use.
  3. Tag your media
    • Create a tag and add it to your media.
  4. Publish and share it
    • Share it with a link, add it to a webpage through javascript or embed it with an iframe.

That’s it you’ve created your very first interactive content, might it be a video, image, or something else completely.


Spott offers quite a few different custom options when creating interactive areas on your media. You can choose the placement of the spot, image, and pretty much everything else in their interactive builder. This means the image can be bottom, next to, or just use a button or text. It’s all editable by you.

Customizations also include the button style, image, URL, and even how users can interact with it. You can even use custom fonts and CSS to make it truly yours if you want to and don’t like any of the presets.

Spott Widget Editor

For example, we decided to pick a pulsing dot for our example widget to make it even more eye-catching. Though you can just click the pulsing effect off if it’s something you don’t like.

Spott and Google Ads

One interesting feature Spott offers is integrating it with Google Display Ads. You can create and then add any interactive ad to Google Display, though this requires you to have the Spott Professional plan.

Spott and Facebook ads

Another great feature of Spott is that it supports Facebook ads. Though this feature (in our opinion) is kind of limited since you are forced to drive people to a page where the actual interactive media is, is it still a great feature.

Spott analytics

Spott’s analytics (insights) lets you see media impressions, tag interactions, tag clicks, and usage. A great way to capitalize on this data is to check each media you’ve created and see which one performs the best. Then copy its layout and widget placement (as close as possible) and see if that increases your interactions and clicks as well.

Spott integrations

As of now, Spott promises to integrate with over 14 different systems. These include WordPress (plugin), Facebook, Pinterest, and most of the popular video players.

Spott pricing

At the moment Spott offers three tiers on their pricing plans. The Essential, Professional, and Business, which you can get ~17% cheaper if you are ready to pay it yearly instead of quarterly.

Spott pricing
  • Essential 35 $/month – 500 interactions/month
  • Professional 300 $/month – 4 000 interactions/month
  • Business 900 $/month – 18 000 interactions/month

If you don’t want to pay a monthly fee Spott does offer a “Pay As You Go” -model, which means you will buy X amount of interactions and they are available for 1 year from the purchase date on your account.

Who is Spott for?

If you are an eCommerce site owner, marketer, or even affiliate who wants to spice up their media, increase your ROI or just increase your engagement then Spott is the tool for you. Its ease of use and high customization options really makes it a great tool to engage your customers and visitors and helps them move from simple viewers to buyers much quicker.

Spott Gallery

Check out some amazing examples of what others have created with Spott in their gallery here.

Spott review conclusion

Is Spott worth it? In conclusion yes. Though its pricing might be a pain point for many who are just starting their eCommerce adventure there is no denying the potential the Spott SaaS has. Increasing engagement, sales, and traffic to your site through interactive media have been a dream come true for many store owners and marketers for a long time. With Spott, it has become a reality and easier than ever to create these assets, which at least we appreciate.

As mentioned earlier Spott is not a cheap option, but if you have the money to get started with it it’s a must-try SaaS especially for eCommerce store owners.


Yes, you can try Spott for FREE and they offer 30 free interactions in total. After the 30 interactions are gone you need to either buy more or subscribe to get more interactions to use.

Yes, Spott supports multiple languages on assets so you can customize the same interactive media to show the right language at the right place at the right time.

Yes, Spott generates responsive interactive images you can embed to your page through JavaScript or iframe. You can also decide that the image is either in a fixed dimension or in its original dimensions.

Spott responsive image menu

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