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Have you been looking for a tool to help you rank your SEO blog posts, texts, or your site? In this review, we will be looking into WriterZen a content creating and research tool that helps you write better SEO content.

WriterZen banner

WriterZen’s tools

WriterZen has quite a few tools backed in its toolbox, which you can instantly see after registration, in the dashboard.

WriterZen dashboard

Tools you can find include:

The topic discovery, that will help you find topics to write on the searched keyword

The content creator, which will help you set up your content outline, keywords to include, and a content writing area (more on this later).
The keyword explorer, which gives you insight on keywords and Google Trends on how much that topic is searched.

And last but not least is the plagiarism checker that helps you check your content for plagiarism. A very useful tool, if you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, or even a business owner who outsources their content.

How to use WriterZen

To get started with WriterZen you first need to register and subscribe to their service here. Don’t worry you can try out their 7-day trial if you’re not sure you want to instantly subscribe for the Premium package.

Topic Discovery

WriterZen Topic Discovery

The Topic Discovery tool is an easy-to-use tool. Write a keyword, select the country and language you want to find topics with and WriterZen does the rest for you. After that, you can easily pick the topics you are most interested in based on relevancy and order them by the relevancy or search volume. WriterZen also allowed you to save the topics to a keyword list which you can then use later on.

Content creator

WriterZen Content Creator

The Content Creator is an awesome tool that helps you create your content directly in WriterZen.

  • Create a new project folder
  • Assign a writer and set priority

… and off you go creating your content directly in WriterZen.

But wait that’s not all!

Before creating your content WriterZen actually helps you set up the outline you’re going to use by finding the top-ranking content, suggesting keywords to include in your content and after that, it even shows these on the right side of their built-in content creation area to help you generate the best content possible.

Content creator automatically saves your texts so you won’t lose them by a change. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker which you can use to check your text for any plagiarism. Very useful for those who assign their teammates or outsource their content to writers.

Keyword Explorer

The Keyword Explorer is a handy tool when you want to find KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) words, low competition keywords, and find the trend of keywords. It also helps you find those low-hanging fruits which is a super nice feature.

There are three different areas to look into more deeply.

Keyword Data is a full data list containing keywords database directly pulled from Google Keyword Planner & Google Keyword Suggest.

The insight which, automatically categorizes different search intent to generate quality content ideas and helps you find out what questions people ask, how they compare, keywords they also ask for, and their other intents with Ai powered filtering algorithm.

Clusters use data from Google SERPs to ensure keywords clustering is 100% accurate, reduce your research time up to 90%.

Something we also enjoyed is the fact that WriterZen shows how many searches were made last month, how much in a year, and how much they think the average search amount for that keyword each month is.

WriterZen keyword results

Who is WriterZen for?

Who is WriterZen for then? Personally, I would recommend WriterZen for anyone who is an affiliate marketer, writer, blogger, or even business owner who wants a tool to help them generate better content for themselves or for their customers. It speeds up the whole SEO by helping you find the best keywords, topics, and low-hanging fruits. 

Who is Writerzen for?

If you feel the itch to make your life easier when doing a keyword search and content generation then WriterZen is the tool for you.

WriterZen Pricing

Writerzen pricing

WriterZen offers three different price tiers which are Basic (39 $/month), Standard (59 $/month), and Advanced (99 $/month).

Keyword ExplorerBasicStandardAdvanced
Keyword look up / day
Keyword searches perform per 24hr
Keyword credits / month
Use for Bulk Allintitle Check & Auto-Clustering Functions
SERPs overview Ahref data
Useful for SERPs analysis workflow
Insights segmentation
Grouping keywords by user’s search intent
Export function
Full export function for data, insights & cluster
Golden Keyword Filtering
Identify keywords with a high probability to rank
Sales per keyword simulation (ESKP)
Converting keyword rank to a dollar value for better planning
Content CreatorBasicStandardAdvanced
Content briefs / month
Amount of articles created per 30 days
A.I credits / month
Use for Google NLP analysis
Sharable links to freelancer
Include allowance settings & plagiarism checker
Yes Yes Yes
Import content from URL
Optimize existing contents to gain back ranking
Topic DiscoveryBasicStandardAdvanced
Topic look up / day
Topic searches perform per 24hr
Competitors headlines generators
Show competitors’ headlines for comparison
Keyword ImportBasicStandardAdvanced
Keywords per import
Import keywords from external sources for Golden Keywords filter & Clustering function
Plagiarism CheckerBasicStandardAdvanced
Words check / day
Amount of words to check for plagiarism per 24 hr
Limit / check
Amount of words per time check
Report sharable links
Share your report easily with external colleagues
Import content from multiple sources
File, URL, or simply directly import to our tool
Other Basic StandardAdvanced
Keyword list
Save your keywords to your personal keyword database

Don’t forget you can save up to 30% off on annual plans! You can grab the deal by clicking here.

How is WriterZen different from other competitors?

WriterZen is hard to compare to other tools because of their different approaches to the same problem meaning content creation. Some tools focus more on automatic content creation with their “AI” systems as some focus more on giving the outline and helping you find the right keywords to include just like WriterZen. On this matter, WriterZen is at least good as its competitors like Frase or MarketMuse.

One thing that is a must point out is also the fact that Frase and MarketMuse are much more expensive alternatives to WriterZen, so if you want bang for the buck, then WriterZen is the choice.

Concluding our WriterZen review

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, business owner, or anyone who is looking for a tool to help you generate better content with SEO in mind, then WriterZen is the tool to choose. Though there are competitors for this tool, the sheer ease of use and fair pricing points make it hard to skip on WriterZen for any other reason than finding another tool that works better for your use case.


No WriterZen has no hidden fees or contract obligations. You pay for the subscription and that’s it.

If you are not satisfied with the product, they will issue a full refund within 48 hours of your payment, no questions asked. However, this applies only once.

Yes, at least as far as we know. WriterZen is actively being updated and developed actively to improve it. They also have a dedicated area where customers can suggest and request features.

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